Happy Holidays
Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year beautiful Yogis!

During this season of giving, I hope you're finding the gift of replenishment on your mat. It is so important to take some time for yourself to breathe deeply and fill your heart with gratitude for the gifts that matter most--good health, people who love you, a place to call home and awareness of who we are physically & spiritually.

I am so grateful for all of you!! I love you all so much! You have made my life so much more meaningful by continuing to show up on your mats. We are all truly lucky that we have our yoga practice to help us navigate through life. Yoga is a practice that affects us every day & in every way. As we continue to transform our asana (poses) practice this determination can not help but roll over into our everyday life. Practicing our pranayama (breath) work we learn to slow down and notice. The life force of the prana is so powerful that we are able to use it as a tool to experience life and grow in life.

Over the next several months in 2010 I will be sending an email letter about yoga. The first area I want to share with you is our energy sources, the 7 Chakras. When things are not flowing freely through our chakras we can become “stuck.” You will learn about each one’s contribution to you & how it connects you to the universe. Additionally, we will learn how to keep the energy flowing by using specific poses that allow the chakras to flow freely.

Even though the calendar is something we've created in order to feel somewhat in control, there is no doubt that because everyone considers December 31st the end of the year, there is an energetic shift that is occurring. It is a great time to consider anything you'd like to release from your life (tendencies that are not serving you, or relationships that diminish you), and anything you'd like to invite into your life. New Year's Resolutions tend to wear off, but a daily practice of setting intentions is powerful. I wish you all an abundant, healthy Holiday Season & Happy New Year full of love, laughter, and yoga. I hope you will spend a lot of 2010 with me on your mats!

So Much Love, Gratitude & Big Hugs,