The Red Root Charkra
Namaste all you Beautiful Souls!                 

So this is the month that we are going to start learning about the 7 chakras.  In my last news letter, I shared with you an overview of our 7 energy sources or Chakras in the body.  There is an 8th chakra (clear in color) that is not in the body but just above the crown of our heads.  Just for review, please refer to the descriptions below:

The Colors, Names & Locations * of the 7 Chakras
*(the chakras start with the Root as number 1, as they are in ascending order)

7th Violet Crown Chakra, Sahasanna,  Top of the Head
6th Indigo Blue Third Eye Chakra, Ajna, Between the Brows
5th Blue Throat Chakra, Visuddha, Full Dimension of the Throat
4th Green Heart Chakra, Anahta, Heart, Mid-Chest
3rd Yellow Power Chakra, Manipura, Solar Plexus above Navel
2nd Orange Creativity Charkra, Svadisthana, Lower Belly
1st Red Root Chakra, Muladhara, Base of the Spine

The first chakra is the Root or Muladhara Chakra.  This chakra is fiery red in color and it is located in the groin, just at the base of the spine near the tailbone or coccyx.  It is here where our kundalini energy resides.

Kundalini is a Sanskirt word and it refers to our powerful, primal life, animal instincts for self-preservation and survival.  These instincts are developed starting in our early childhood.  The kundalini lies like a coiled serpent at the base of the spine waiting to be awakened by our divinely inspired higher will so that it can climb up our spine and complete the energizing and balancing of our chakras. 

The Root Chakra is related to the body parts such as the bones, nails, teeth, prostate, sex organs and the anus.  It is appropriately called the Red Root Chakra because it “grounds“ us.

Since the Root Chakra is the chakra which “grounds” us, when it is not in balance, we feel insecurity, fear, and low immunity.  However, when it is in balance we feel security, prosperity and vitality. The Root Chakra is what holds us steady.  We all need a certain amount of steadiness.  Some need more grounding than others.

What is “grounding?”  Good question.  I do not believe that it is exactly the same for everyone.  It is based on one’s perceptions, believes and habits.

For me, I am more of a person who likes a sturdy home base.  I like my schedule of activities but I want some ability to vary my schedule.  The schedule makes a routine so I am able to feel more grounded.  A routine can create a very grounding activity for some people.

If you are looking to be more grounded, here are some yoga poses that might assist you in your process:

Sukhuasana (Easy pose) sitting cross legged, with a tall spine.  This pose allows you to sit right on top of your sits bones and your tailbone.  The sits bones are where your legs come into your pelvis.  You can find them by pulling the buttock flesh away and then sitting on the two bones.  The connection to the earth is what grounds you since the element of the earth is grounding.  The bones are like red roots connecting all the way down to the center of the earth.
Tadasana (Mountain Pose) pressing all four corners of your feet into the earth, lift your arches, knee caps, thighs, hip points, belly and sternum.  Roll your inner thighs in, roll your shoulders up, back and down and tuck your tailbone.  In this pose your feet are the conduit that grounds you to the earth.
Dandasana ( Staff Pose  ) also allows for a real connection to the earth.  Again, like in Seukasana, you are sitting directly on top of your sits bones.  Your legs are stretched out long in front of you and your feet are flexed with the toes coming back towards your face.  Pressing the backs of your thighs and knees towards the earth. You are sitting with a tall spine, belly and sternum lifted.  Shoulders are up, back and down your back.  Arms are resting at your sides.  Chin is tucked so your neck is long and the crown of the your head reaches for the sky.  You are firmly rooted with the earth.

Meditation is another really great tool to utilize when grounding your self. 

Sitting, quieting the mind by focusing on the breath or chanting a Mantra such as “So Hum“ (I am that) with each inhale and exhale is very healing and grounding.  On the in breath, in your mind say “So” and on the out breath think “Hum”.  Or simply paying attention to your inhalations and exhalations. 

Start by seeing in your mind’s eye your inhalation and feeling the coolness of your breath coming in through the nostrils as the body expands. Then noticing the pause before the exhale.  Watch your exhalation as your body softens and feeling the warmth of  the air as it leaves your nostrils.  Then there is a new pause before the next inhalation.  Continue watching your breath in this way.

Walking or hiking are a few other ways to feel grounded.  Focusing on your surroundings and staying present during your time in nature is very grounding.  Really take the time to notice and enjoy mother nature.  Also, paying close attention to your steps as your feet land on the earth is very grounding.

You feel grounded when you are able to stay in the present moment.  Yoga, Meditation and Nature are all practices of staying present. 

If your Root Charkra is not balanced, it is very hard to find balance in the rest of your chakras since the kundilini energy lies at the base of the spine.  Sometimes just balancing this chakra will allow you to fully align all 7 of your energy sources.

So, ask yourself what you need to feel more “grounded”.   You might be surprised in what you discover.

Next, we will focus on the 2 chakra.  Until then, try some of these suggestions to start your summer grounded!!

Big Hugs,