Karen's Schedule of Yoga Classes & Comments From her Students

Currently, group classes are offered livestream and on-demand online. To signup and join a group class, please visit Prema Yoga. If you are looking for a private class, please call (818) 209-0200. Private classes are offered through Zoom and in-person.

Gentle Bliss
17617 Chatsworth Street
Granada Hills, Ca 91344
Saturday: 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
single class and packages are offered
Gentle Bliss
Perma Yoga
17617 Chatsworth Street
Granada Hills, Ca 91344
Wednesday: 6 pm – 7:25 pm
Moderately challenging and gentle yoga for all levels
single and class packages offered

Request a Private Session:

Private Lessons available by appointment

For more information on all classes call 818-209-0200 or email Karen.

Student Comments:

"I am athletic but always feel spastic with yoga. Karen explained poses well-easy to understand and intuitive. This was the first time someone explained the whole breathing thing as well-definitely makes a difference. Great job! I would take a class with Karen again."
"Class was wonderful especially for me because I'm so new at this! Karen is so helpful with the poses and moves. Very relaxing."
"This was an excellent experience to be able to do yoga without feeling concerned about hurting weakened body parts. For the first time I feel very relaxed and calm after working my body"
"I have taken many yoga classes with different teachers and I feel that Karen is very skilled and does a great job of choosing poses that match the class levels. I am comfortable modifying my own poses, but she also constantly makes sure that my special needs are met. I feel challenged but also, that my need to use yoga for relaxing is satisfied. I am really enjoying the class!"
"I like to explore different poses to see what works and what does not. I think it is great to take into consideration different peoples limitations and be able to work around it. Understanding that everyone's anatomy is different greatly helps. Thank you for the class. You are great!! The 5 second massage during savasana helps to relax."

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